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Lewis and Clark
Prince Maximilian
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              Matching History with the Landscapes
                                           in Which It Was Born!


White Cliffs of the Missouri River in the center
                               Clay Jenkinson as Captain Meriwether Lewis looking forward over time.

If you have a fascination with American History, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to provide you an opportunity to revisit the magical moments of history in the most beautiful American landscapes in which they were born. Learn something new about the old as renown humanities scholar Clay S. Jenkinson takes you back in time with insights yet to be told. During your week with us what you will enjoy and discover will not be found by the independent traveler. We will take you to remote off the beaten path locations, you will learn more about the past and its characters than you thought possible and we will introduce you to local flare. It is in our landscapes and in our people, past and present that makes America beautiful!  We will take you there.

This season Clay Jenkinson offers you a unique and rare opportunity to explore on location through the eyes of Captain Meriwether Lewis into a window of one of America's greatest explorations - The Lewis and Clark Expedition through the White Cliffs of the Missouri River and the Bitterroot Mountains in 1805 and 1806.  German Prince Maximilian and his Swiss artist Karl Bodmer followed in their footsteps 25 years later.  Clay will bring to light and tie together both epic journeys as you float through your own week of discovery along the Lewis and Clark Trail.

                         Lewis & Clark, Prince Maximilian
                                    Summer Tour 2016
Click here: for tour itinerary
                  July 17-26, 2016:   Our Lewis and Clark Classic Tour with the addition of Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer
Join the fun this season as we add Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer's epic journey to your experience.

             IF you only venture out onto the Lewis & Clark Trail once,
             then this is the one tour  you do not want to miss. It is a classic!

                                               Please click here for more details.

For your convenience choose from the following tour ideas:  Adventure Tours, Lewis & Clark Tours, Thomas Jefferson Tours,  Walking Tours, Bus or Coach Tours   Stay tuned and check back regarding information on our upcoming Tours:  Jefferson's France Tour, Beyond the Hundredth Meridian; John W. Powell Colorado River Tour,  That Damned Cowboy; Theodore Roosevelt North Dakota Tour, The Shattering of Robert Oppenheimer; Los Alamos Tour, In the footsteps of Jesus; Jerusalem Holy Land Tour ..and more. 

There is no better time to explore while learning from the humanities.  Dive into one of our tours and let the beautiful scenery, Clay Jenkinson and other important scholars take you back in time. Windows of thought and wonderful discussions rise to the surface regarding America's past and future as your own epic journey with Odyssey Tours continues.
                                      We hope that you can join us for your next adventure!

    with humanities scholar 
 Clay S. Jenkinson
    Telephone 208-791-8721 ~ Fax 208-746-0625 ~ email